Stranger Things

I found this in my front yard. It is some type of seed pod that either grows in the tree or grows in the ground. If you know, please leave a comment. You can also see more pix here on my Umenum blog.


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Scott Andersen |

Plague Town

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Peachy Keen

I have an orchard right across the street from where we live. They have wonderful apples, pears and peaches. We bought an entire box of peaches and I was moved to take some pix. Here they are.


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Cliff Reading

I was climbing up Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon today and came across this young man reading a book sitting on the edge of the cliff.

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Peace Park, Texas Panhandle

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Don’t Look Back

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Santa Fe Loco

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Hiking the Alpine High Country

A few pix from a recent hike that my wife and I made at the top of the Alpine Loop in Utah.


Love the peak in the distance. Yes that is snow already.


A beautiful view out into a valley. Will go back in a few weeks to check the Fall colors.


This tree has worked around some problems.




A close up of the peak

Sunset In One Spot

I took these photos on Sep 8 at Utah Lake in Vineyard, UT. I took all of the pictures standing within 10 feet of the same spot. The difference was which direction I was pointing.


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Scott Andersen |

Paws for the Cause

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One Sexy Tomato

Mmmm…sexy, fresh and delicious!


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Before the Term “Selfie”

Airborne Skiers

I visited the Olympic Park in Park City, UT this weekend and was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite sports to watch: ski jumping. These were students training on location and they were doing freestyle jumps into a huge pool of water and into a gigantic air bag. It looked so fun! I would do it in a heartbeat.AND_8390AND_8406AND_8368


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The Adventurer

Photo by Richard R. Barron |
Photo by Richard R. Barron |

Pretty in Pink

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Sunset with Stensen

My son Stensen was visiting recently and we took a sunset hike into Dry Canyon. Here are two pix of him that I really like. Having a hard deciding which is the fave though.

AND_6414 lighter version

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Scott Andersen |

Flowers that Attract

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What the Heck, Let’s Out a Lunch Box Here…

I love me some Bob Ross. I was big into painting with him in the 90s. Harrisen recently go this lunch box and he brought it camping with is this weekend. So I made pix and a fun video.

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Saw this critter camping this weekend.

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