Holy Sheeeep in Idaho!

I recently spent some time in Idaho at my boss’s summer camp by Cascade Lake. It was a beautiful site to behold. We had so much fun connecting with each other and connecting with nature. I spent the sunrises on water’s edge taking pix of the scenes and the wildlife. I LOVED IT!  (See below for some info about the Basque sheepherders on our last day.)


Scott Andersen | umenum.net


Scott Andersen | umenum.net


AND_9126 warm

Scott Andersen | umenum.net

On our last day at the camp, we were getting ready to leave when all of a sudden we heard a cowbell and a rumbling come from down the dirt road. Shortly thereafter, we saw a gigantic herd of sheep coming up the road.

I attempted to run to get my gear, but due to my recent double hernia surgery, that attempt brought great pain. One of my colleagues grabbed the gear for me and I hobbled to get the images you see below.  I love the images, but they do not tell the complete story. I really need to get pix of the shepherd and the 4 dogs that keep the sheep in line.

You will notice in the last picture, I was able to show the dog that holds up the rear of the caravan. He was old and interesting. As soon as I came to the road, he stopped right by me, kept his distance and carefully watched me. It was not until I took the final pix of the sheep did he trot to catch up with the tail of the herd.


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One thought on “Holy Sheeeep in Idaho!

  1. In 2014, Abby and I ran into a similar situation but with cattle in Mancos, Colorado. They came through town because it was the only way to get across the Mancos River.

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