An unexplained collapse…

So as we were out checking the trail camera we stumbled across our blind and well…. To our astonishment the top was collapsed. As we further investigate we see that the top is full of water. So having my camera with me and not being exactly sure how the restructure of the blind was going to take place I slowly backed away and began shooting the action…

Surprisingly there was some ice that would not shake off of the blind and we were like hhhmmm… Oh well… I mean it will eventually melt at some point. As I go thru the photos I begin to realize that particular block of ice is actually frozen to the string that attaches the blind to the tree. I thought these made for an interesting picture and I sure got a good giggle out of it.

After that we walked around the property for a bit in search of Squirrels. We did not see any but I sure enjoyed following the boys around ans snapping pictures of them and the scenery. I can’t wait until the color starts to come back in the spring but sure enjoy not having to worry about venomous snakes on our outings.

Ice and water fall from the blind as we pop the top back up again. Collapse was probably due to the crazy weather we have had here and there.
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