Attempting the Monochrome Challenge…

Yesterday afternoon I went around town trying to think of things that would make an interesting picture for this challenge. This led me to thinking which isn’t always a good thing. I probably spent more time debating in my mind what would make a great photo… different colors, shade, light, texture and what about the background???!!?!!!?!!! Maybe I am an over-thinker and if I could just turn my brain off I could do really great things…. Maybe not…The world will probably never know.

My first stop was out by Idle Time at the big white cross. The people responsible for this used to be our neighbors if I remember that correctly. I mean I know they were our neighbors, but could be wrong about the other part. I took photos from several angles and tried to move around and change the background. At one point I looked at it overall and remember thinking dang one giant cross and the utility poles in the background make it look like there are some smaller ones in the background. (On a side note… They are utility poles not telephone poles…. We heard that a lot growing up… Dad works foe OG&E… ) I took a few pictures of a road grader and a rock pile while there. I wasn’t impressed with those…

I moved on to the other side of town and went to a lot that is home to a bunch of junk which includes a too cool for school crane. In fact, during a push-up challenge I was videoed doing my push-ups on this. This place has piles of wood, a rock pile and the equipment all just sitting there. The man that lives across the street is a good friend, he and I always visited at the school when he picked up his granddaughter who is now almost 17. He had to come and thank me for staying on top of some things after being quoted in a newspaper article from Thursdays paper. Anyways, I got sidetracked and forgot a few different shots I wanted there and didn’t make it by the Veteran’s Memorial at the park so to say the least….

I also grabbed a few pictures at the house as Brett was about to head out to get the horses a bail of hay. That pretty man is awesome… I may be a little bias…


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