Passing the time

As I sit out in the deer blind I am lucky enough to see a beautiful cardinal (I think).. He has gone from tree to tree and even visited under the feeder with the other birds hanging around. There may be some quail in the bunch, I cannot tell… Yet, none of them have made their way close enough to get a shot in with my new 85mm lens. I have debated on throwing chex mix crumbs out the window, crossed my mind to go out walking since technically the moon phase isn’t in my favor, and I think well I need to come out with bird seed and feed them.. Anyways it goes, I have been practicing veiwing the cardinal thru my scope…Which isn’t honestly very impressive unless you know I do not see well with this scope at all.I have lost many a harvest because I moved, lost sight and never could find it again. Today I wore my contacts instead of my glasses. I am begining to wonder if the problem is actually the bi-focal in my glasses … Well, another evening wasted on the scenery. Until next time dear bird friend….

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