I just wanna be friends!!!!

So, as we have ducks land on my big pond that I can see out my bedroom window I can’t help but want them to be friendly. I really just want to go outside and be their friend. I love to photograph them and I don’t really have a lens that will from the distance. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanna go out to the pond on nice mornings with my coffee, camera, a snack for me and even some food for them. If that was ever a reality I would possibly feel like I was in Heaven… I love the idea of sitting out there with their company and know that we are friends.

However, This is NOT the case… (Insert a sad, bottom lip stuck out with possible tears in the eyes pout face.) WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYY???? I have caught a few good pictures of them while attempting to sneak up on them. I am a terrible sneaker tho. Maybe one day I can master that task, but in all honestly I am more likely to be able to save some money and buy a lens for my camera so I can sit on my back porch, out my bedroom door and get pictures that look like I am sitting next to the pond near them.

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