I finally decided to make an attempt at photo stacking using Photoshop. It is quite easy to do. The concept is to take multiple images of the same thing and blend the images together into one photo. The two photos that I did were made with the 105 macro. I used 4 images each with a different focal point.

The stacked image is terrific!

Below are the images that were used to create the composite above.

The second stacked image of the day

Winter of Sun

This winter in Utah has produced some amazing skies during and in between sunrises and sunsets. It’s fun looking at them as a body of work.

These top two were from the same sunrise.
This is one of the most unique skies I have ever seen.
The last three are from the same sunset

FL Gulf Coast

Upon us All

Richard R. Barron —

Steers Here

Richard R. Barron

The Country

Richard R. Barron

This is Nuts

Richard R. Barron
Richard R. Barron

Absolutely No

Richard R. Barron |

A Grey Day?

Richard R. Barron |

Wedded Bliss

Photo by Richard R. Barron


U.S. 285 near Clines Corners, New Mexico, October 2019
Photo by Richard R. Barron —

Here's Hopin' You're Open

Photo by Richard R. Barron —

To Thine Own Self

Photo by Abby S.M. Barron

The Edge of Night

Tree Tops at Last Light
Photo by Richard R. Barron

Phoning it In: iPhone Photos from Arizona, 2014

A Dog in Motion Remains in Motion

Big Bend Black-and-White

Eulogy in the Dark


Night Light


Treasure Hiding

Richard R. Barron |
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