Cities on Fire

Steam, morning, hot springs, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, October 2019 |

Room with a View


This falling-down building is the remains of a “Frontier Museum” in Interstate 40 in eastern New Mexico. It is a little more fallen each time we visit.

Food for Thought


Abby and I love travel, the road, even truck stops and fast food.

Santa Fe Snapshots

The Homecoming

Abby arrives home on a cold winter day | Richard R. Barron |

Monochrome December

This is from

Fall In Utah

The Squaw Peak Back Trail

Around the Sun

Great American Eclipse, Park Hills, Missouri, August 2017

Cutting Edge

Photo by Scott Andersen


No business like snow business |

That Gorgeous Dog

Photo by Richard R. Barron /

Light Throwing Shade

Morning Glory in the Evening

Richard R. Barron @

Thistle Dew

Richard R. Barron @

A Supreme Lift

This ski lift takes skiers to 10,300 feet for an amazing downhill experience.

Future Past

20mm f/3.5 replaced by 20mm f/2.8

Sparkle and Fish

Great Hair Day

Photo by Richard R. Barron

A Hazy Shade of Summer

Photo by Richard R. Barron

Bits of Drill

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