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Year in Pictures 2022

Enjoy the Year in Pictures from Ada News Photographer Richard R. Barron


Richard R. Barron | — Near Wapanucka, Oklahoma, February 2023

Summer in the High Country

Richard R. Barron | — Vista, Capulin Volcano, New Mexico

Fujifilm 6×7, 90mm f/3.5 Fujinon, deep orange filter, Kodak Verichrome Pan Film

Teething Pains

American Horizon

A threshold moment

10 July 2017

What does he win, Johnny?

Shining in the Dark

Richard R. Barron |


Richard R. Barron | — Hawken the Irish Wolfhound

Another Show

No Rhyme or Reason

Richard R. Barron –

She Loves a Parade

Photos by Abby S.M. Barron


2021 The Year in Pictures

Ada News Photographer Richard R. Barron shares some of his favorite images from 2021.


Church Glass

Electric Trees

Light spray

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