Cutting Edge

Photo by Scott Andersen


No business like snow business |

That Gorgeous Dog

Photo by Richard R. Barron /

Light Throwing Shade

Morning Glory in the Evening

Richard R. Barron @

Thistle Dew

Richard R. Barron @

A Supreme Lift

This ski lift takes skiers to 10,300 feet for an amazing downhill experience.

Future Past

20mm f/3.5 replaced by 20mm f/2.8

Sparkle and Fish

Great Hair Day

Photo by Richard R. Barron

A Hazy Shade of Summer

Photo by Richard R. Barron

Bits of Drill

Pepper Fun

Trail Snaps

My Garden’s Gifts

Marigold in the Garden after Watering | Richard R. Barron –

The Mighty Wolfhound

Hawken Rifle Trail

Striking Resemblance

Richard R. Barron | — Lightning peels across the sky north of Byng, Oklahoms.

Let’s Dance

Lightning, Byng, Oklahoma, May 2020
Richard R. Barron |

Iris Wild on the Mountain

Wild Iris

Am I Napping?

Summer Time Lane the Chihuahua
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