Morning in South Fork

A few snaps from my morning journey in South Fork within Provo Canyon.

Looking east over
A tributary that leads to Provo River
A tree with Mount Timpanogos looming behind

A Drink for the Garden


Early Spring on Dry Canyon

I cast a long shadow looking toward Mt. Timpanogos

After work today I noticed it was still beautiful outside. Even thought it was chilly, I decided to go to Dry Canyon for a short hike and some outside time.

The temperature up on the mountainside was about 40 degrees. It was comfortable until a strong wind came along, which was quite frequently. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable to feel and hear the breeze.

Dry Canyon leads tifht into the base of Mt. Timpanogos

You can see more pix and read more about this on my blog.

The Cloud Maker

A part of my now new morning routine of going out at sunrise to take pix around my community, I came across the “Cloud Maker” today down by Utah Lake.

The Cloud Maker – Photo by Scott Andersen

The name “Cloud Maker” was one created by my children. Years ago when I first visited Utah, they would refer to it. I finally asked them what they meant and they showed my the PacificCorp plant in Linden.

This morning as I was down by the lake, the Cloud Maker was in full effect. I worked it with the sunrise and came up with several images. This was one of my favorites. I will be posting more on my blog sometime later this day.

Snowy Spring Morning

A house in Provo Canyon
Canyon’s edge
Like A Bridge Covered in Snow
Abandoned bike

Shooting An Eclectic Morning

Provo Canyon in the morning

I had a most fun and rewarding morning taking pix this morning. I left the house and decided to drive into Provo Canyon and up into Sundance Mountain. I was very pleased with the variety of pictures I was able to capture in a few hours. I have sampled six of them here in this post.


A pool from the Provo River
The East side of Mt. Timpanogos
A bride during her wedding pix on the side of the mountain
One of a rafter of turkeys on Sundance Mountain
The trailhead for Mt. Timpanogos

The Grey Owl coffee joint

A friend and I enjoyed some delightful quiche and a warm cup of earl grey tea. Such an enjoyable atmosphere ^__^

An Evening at Utah Lake

I chose to spend my Sunday evening at Utah Lake State Park in Provo. My initial intent was to go down and photograph the sunset. Our sunsets have been super amazing lately and I love shooting them at the lake.

Three sisters fishing on the dock

When I arrived, I could tell by the clouds that it was not going to be a spectacular sunset. While I was disappointed by that, it was more than made up for by the many other things I saw while there. One example is the above photo of the three sisters, each wearing the same gray hoodie, who were fishing from a dock on the Provo River. The river empties into Utah Lake and the water levels were the highest I have ever seen.

I am posting a few of my favorite pix below.

A reflecting pool
On golden lake…
Cloudy Mountains

The Patch

Daybreak in Winter

Richard R. Barron |

Macro on Ice


Richard R. Barron |

Ack! Quack! Duck Attack!

Richard R. Barron –

High Rise Drops


I finally decided to make an attempt at photo stacking using Photoshop. It is quite easy to do. The concept is to take multiple images of the same thing and blend the images together into one photo. The two photos that I did were made with the 105 macro. I used 4 images each with a different focal point.

The stacked image is terrific!

Below are the images that were used to create the composite above.

The second stacked image of the day

Winter of Sun

This winter in Utah has produced some amazing skies during and in between sunrises and sunsets. It’s fun looking at them as a body of work.

These top two were from the same sunrise.
This is one of the most unique skies I have ever seen.
The last three are from the same sunset

FL Gulf Coast

Upon us All

Richard R. Barron —

Steers Here

Richard R. Barron
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