Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

I had so much fun shooting the eclipse! I love the shots in the middle best. These were taking during the full eclipse. It was cool seeing the change in colors.lunar eclipse phases 1-20-19


Colorless flower

and_7024 bw

From big to small

I started out with an image in mind for this shot, however it included Mt. Timpanogas. When I stepped outside my home, I looked up at the mountain and then looked down and saw these images.

and_6966 v2and_7001

Attempting the Monochrome Challenge…

Yesterday afternoon I went around town trying to think of things that would make an interesting picture for this challenge. This led me to thinking which isn’t always a good thing. I probably spent more time debating in my mind what would make a great photo… different colors, shade, light, texture and what about the background???!!?!!!?!!! Maybe I am an over-thinker and if I could just turn my brain off I could do really great things…. Maybe not…The world will probably never know.

My first stop was out by Idle Time at the big white cross. The people responsible for this used to be our neighbors if I remember that correctly. I mean I know they were our neighbors, but could be wrong about the other part. I took photos from several angles and tried to move around and change the background. At one point I looked at it overall and remember thinking dang one giant cross and the utility poles in the background make it look like there are some smaller ones in the background. (On a side note… They are utility poles not telephone poles…. We heard that a lot growing up… Dad works foe OG&E… ) I took a few pictures of a road grader and a rock pile while there. I wasn’t impressed with those…

I moved on to the other side of town and went to a lot that is home to a bunch of junk which includes a too cool for school crane. In fact, during a push-up challenge I was videoed doing my push-ups on this. This place has piles of wood, a rock pile and the equipment all just sitting there. The man that lives across the street is a good friend, he and I always visited at the school when he picked up his granddaughter who is now almost 17. He had to come and thank me for staying on top of some things after being quoted in a newspaper article from Thursdays paper. Anyways, I got sidetracked and forgot a few different shots I wanted there and didn’t make it by the Veteran’s Memorial at the park so to say the least….

I also grabbed a few pictures at the house as Brett was about to head out to get the horses a bail of hay. That pretty man is awesome… I may be a little bias…


I just wanna be friends!!!!

So, as we have ducks land on my big pond that I can see out my bedroom window I can’t help but want them to be friendly. I really just want to go outside and be their friend. I love to photograph them and I don’t really have a lens that will from the distance. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanna go out to the pond on nice mornings with my coffee, camera, a snack for me and even some food for them. If that was ever a reality I would possibly feel like I was in Heaven… I love the idea of sitting out there with their company and know that we are friends.

However, This is NOT the case… (Insert a sad, bottom lip stuck out with possible tears in the eyes pout face.) WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYY???? I have caught a few good pictures of them while attempting to sneak up on them. I am a terrible sneaker tho. Maybe one day I can master that task, but in all honestly I am more likely to be able to save some money and buy a lens for my camera so I can sit on my back porch, out my bedroom door and get pictures that look like I am sitting next to the pond near them.

Passing the time

As I sit out in the deer blind I am lucky enough to see a beautiful cardinal (I think).. He has gone from tree to tree and even visited under the feeder with the other birds hanging around. There may be some quail in the bunch, I cannot tell… Yet, none of them have made their way close enough to get a shot in with my new 85mm lens. I have debated on throwing chex mix crumbs out the window, crossed my mind to go out walking since technically the moon phase isn’t in my favor, and I think well I need to come out with bird seed and feed them.. Anyways it goes, I have been practicing veiwing the cardinal thru my scope…Which isn’t honestly very impressive unless you know I do not see well with this scope at all.I have lost many a harvest because I moved, lost sight and never could find it again. Today I wore my contacts instead of my glasses. I am begining to wonder if the problem is actually the bi-focal in my glasses … Well, another evening wasted on the scenery. Until next time dear bird friend….

Part of the Year

During the shortest part of the year, I walk our Irish Wolfhound, Hawken, in the woods behind the house. I always have a camera.

I am able to walk Hawken much farther in the winter because the ticks and poison ivy are at bay. By the first week of March, he and I will see poison ivy sprigs on the trail and start walking a much shorter route, all of it mowed.

Photo by Richard R. Barron --

Photo by Richard R. Barron —

Knee Deep or Rebate

Photo by Richard R. Barron

Talking Heads


Photo by Richard R. Barron


Photo by Richard R. Barron

Things Falling Apart

Photo by Richard R. Barron

Spotted after a Short Search

Photo by Richard R. Barron

That 1995 Look

Photo by Richard R. Barron

Looking west




Baby it’s a red flag day …

red flag day

January embers

While it may not be January, nor was it when this picture was captured. This title is inspired by the movie “It” as one of the boys in the film, Ben, wrote a poem to a girl he was fond of. In the poem Ben described her red hair as January embers..

We fought mighty winds while waltzing around The Great Salt Plains in Cherokee, Oklahoma. Trespassing to forbidden land to get images without children digging for rocks… or boogers.. in the background was well worth the trek and the mean sunburn that crept from my scalp all the way down the back of my neck.

Sunday evening


The Unbearable Lightness of Garden

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