The Self in the Weeds


Photo Rings

Had some creative fun with these. Which one you like best, if at all?

Tuesday Afternoon Nap

Summer Time Lane sleeps on Daddy’s pillow @


Are You Seeing What I’m Seeing?


Ellen in Grey


Barbed Sunrise



Beauty and the Burn

The juxtaposition of the burnt trees, the budding green grass behind and the looming mountain…

The View on High

B+W Delite

Canyon View

A look deep into the V of Provo Canyon

Sunflower Drops

Had fun with this creative project. Read about it here on the Umenum Blog.

Photo by Scott Andersen

recyclable selfie

No Business Like Snow Business

Great Sand Dunes

This is from First Light |

White Sands

This is from Journada del Muerto |

Super Juicy and Delicious

Cancun on a Whim

Chichen Itza

That Road

You’ve Been Down That Road Before
Richard R. Barron @
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